Tips to help you launch your Android Apps


Do you want to develop an android app and do not know where to start? The hardware that you are using for coding and the nature of your app makes your app development either easier or complicated. Androidsopen nature makes it easier for you to produce apps using any computer while iOS nature requires users to have an Apple computer and their associated software. This article will provide guidelines that will help you to start your award-winning app development career.

-Know how to code

If you want to succeed in your android app development career, then you must have a good understanding of programming. But in this case, you will only be using Java Programming, although having a basic knowledge of other languages will be important.

The Code Academy is a great site where you can learn programming languages for free. If you want to grow in your app development career, then you need to consider purchasing a premium membership from the site.

-Design Your App on Paper

You can be tempted to instantly begin developing your app without writing a good plan on how you are going to execute it. This makes your app development to be difficult and can mess your work in the future.

It is important that you write the basics of your app before you start developing it. You need to identify the people who will use your app and how the app is going to help them solve their problems. After understanding that, then you can go ahead and design your app.

You do not require artistic skills for you to draw how your app will finally appear. All you need to know in the position of every interactive element and button to help you in the process of coding.

Integrated Development Environment

For you to start your award-winning app development, then you need to understand the concept of IDE. The most common IDE for android apps is the Android Studio, which is a product of Google just like the androids themselves.

It provides an interface for users where they can enter their code and highlights all the syntax coding errors thus making the process of debugging easier. It also allows users to test their apps which can help them to fix some errors before they run tests on devices.

Eclipse is another popular form of IDE that is more generalized compared to the Android Studio. However, Android Studio is only meant for the development of android apps. This implies that if you want to use Eclipse you will be required to download the Android SDK for you to develop your Android apps.

You should start by building your app prototype within your IDE. If your app has interactive elements, then you need to use plain shapes or buttons. You need to get your coding right before you begin to graphically polish it.

Android is a great platform where you can develop your apps because it connects experienced and new app developers. New developers can be mentored here on how to have award-winning app development skills.


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