SEO: Usability And Content

Usability in SEO is defined as a user’s experience when they visit a website. The main purpose for a good usability is to increase a sites conversion rate. In other words, usability is basically how well a site keeps the attention of a user through the UX (User Experience). At a glance, user experience and SEO ranking seem like two conflicting items, but through further research, one will realize that these two can complement each other in a beautiful way. This will in turn ensure that your site becomes and remains top of the search engine.

There are certain elements that make a website have a high usability rate. One thing that does not necessarily mean that a website has good usability is an easy to use website. Hence, a website owner should not only focus on this aspect of their website. One good way to measure and increase website usability is by use of a heat map.

How to increase usability
Use a heat map. A heat map is software used by website owners to measure a user’s line of site. This is where a user’s eyes comfortably rest when they are looking at content in a website. A heat map also calculates the page whereby users spend most of their time and gives this information to the website owner. Another aspect that a heat map focuses on is the link in a website where most people click.

With the above aspects in mind, one gets to gauge the most suitable items to place on their site, and the best location for the same.

Another thing to consider ensuring good site usability is the page loading time. Ensure that the loading time for the site pages is as short as possible. This makes it easy for users to visit many pages on a site at a go. This in turn increases site usability.

Recently, google is giving sites which are not mobile friendly a low SEO rating. This is another point to consider

Site content should be well informed. It should as well have keywords, headers and backlinks to increase a site’s SEO ranking and its organic sharing. Sites with good content will be widely shared via social media. This will obviously increase the site’s user traffic. Hence, good content, usability and great website design is a formidable combination for good SEO rankings.

Unique, well-structured content with well-placed keywords that are naturally flowing is important for good rankings. Well placed headers and images with alt texts improve a sites scanability. While creating content for a site, it is important to know that SEOs are smart enough to know when a keyword is being forced into an article. This means that keywords should always be naturally placed.


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