Five Tips For Developing Your Marketing Technology

Marketing technology is a field that is rapidly developing. Right from its origin in the form of direct mail to email and then to desktop, and now ultimately to mobile, social, as well as programmatic ad purchasing, the initial three decades of marketing technology field has passed in a jiffy. But since they say life starts at 30, one thing that is certain about the future of marketing technology is that it definitely wouldn’t stop at this stage.

All the numerous channels and methods that users depend on in order to interact with multiple brands are continuously developing and this rapid change of technologies and systems implies that everyday new possibilities are opening up virtually. In today’s highly competitive environment, the age-old traditional methods of technology planning which involved understanding technical capabilities and business requirements much in advance is not at all helpful. At present, marketers require a secured system which can adjust itself with the future generation of technology as well as travel the path of innovation, no matter which direction it goes.

1. Always make sure flexibility is your first priority: The way to acquire a secured marketing system is dependent on one’s flexibility to have room for unexpected modern technologies as well as requirements. This needs a proper modular framework where certain important components can be changed without having to restructure the whole system.

2. Centralize every source of consumer data: While it is important to upgrade the technologies that support a proper marketing system, it should be noted that the main functionalities which it supports should stay constant. Among these, the most crucial is the merger of customer data from dissimilar sources.

3. Superior connectivity for immediate data transfer: A flexible system should also be able to support other tasks such as budgeting, planning, content development and access, as well as results analysis.

4. Technology acquisition should be seen as a constant process: A modern secured marketing technology system is different from a traditional system in many different ways. Its structure is built keeping the goal of flexibility in mind, instead of definite marketing programs. Also, every section of the system usually meets the basic compatibility standards including integration.

5. Build the system around a flexible philosophy: As much as it is important to have a flexible system, it is also necessary for the organization to be equally flexible. It is crucial to have a mind-set which is always ready to accept re-invention and change.


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