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Is your company growing tremendously in its online marketing operations? If yes, it is highly recommended to hire a professional outside agency to help you run all your activities. This is because you have limited time to create your own team and this is required to be attended to fast. Due to high urgency levels, you are required to find a team that is already established to keep all activities within your business running as needed. This therefore calls for the need to turn to a third party agency to simplify all operations. However, today we have the solution for you!


SEO agency and content marketing agency are in most instances used synonymously and this therefore brings confusion to most people because they are not able to differentiate between the two concepts. It is important to understand that these two are quite different from each other. Learning that this two ideas contrast gives most business persons a hard time especially when they want to choose an outside agency either content marketing agency or SEO agency. Herein are the differences between the two.

SEO Agency

These agencies are designed to typically focus on metrics and data within the search world. It involves calculating visibility, traffic as well as keeping in touch with new trends in the behaviors of searchers thus enabling companies to create best content for themselves. Most often, SEO agencies major at completing keyword research. This is aimed at understanding ways to use in order to optimize content pieces so that they appear top on search engines such as Google SERP. This is done by looking at competition that comes from other terms or phrases or from the search volume.

Content Marketing Agency

These agencies interview your company and its structure and look for better ways that will enable you motivate your customers more by getting your services. This content written on where to improve on your business of high quality thus considering them will enable you get high returns. Much focus is directed on why and how content is written. The articles written about your business are therefore ensured that they teach as well as engage customers. In addition, these agencies also concentrate on search analytics but not to a large extent. Content marketing agencies are trained to deliver quality content which is relevant so that offline means are also provided for.

To get a clear distinction between the two, it is vital to understand that SEO tends to make all its decisions from analytics and search driven data while on the other hand, content marketing agency bases its decisions on general knowledge creation by the content used as well as audience driven data.

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Despite having differences, the two concepts also have ideas that are shared. For both, data is essential for the creation of best content. Furthermore, the two should be administered together to offer amazing results. This is because these two ideas tend to overlap. The data collected by either of the two agencies can be used by the other to give clear results. However this does not necessarily mean that you should hire both for your company to get higher returns.

Factors to Help You Consider the Best Agency

Are you worried of which agency to choose on to enable you run all your operations efficiently? Your needs therefore will help you determine which agency you require. More often, the job of a content marketing agency is required as the first one. This is because there is need to understand who your audience is, buying cycle as well as how to create an amazing content to attract more potential clients. After this, the need of an SEO arises because you already have the content and therefore it is required to be visible.

When it comes to online marketing, it is highly advisable to consider the type of company to work with because they are several. These two agencies however are not the only to choose on but you should be cautious when choosing on them.


Giving your experience on what you gained after using these agency services is highly recommended. We therefore encourage you to give testimonials regarding your story.


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